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A Unique Adventure in Wadi Numeira
Wadi Numeira

As the sacred month of Ramadan approaches, it brings with it a spirit of reflection, gratitude, and togetherness.

This year, our journey led us to explore a distinctive way of celebrating Iftar – surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Join us on this enchanting adventure as we share our experience of setting up our Ramadan table in the heart of Wadi Numeira in the south of Jordan.

The Journey to Wadi Numeira:
The anticipation was palpable as we embarked on a scenic drive with the Dead Sea to our right, beneath a canvas of a blue sky adorned with fluffy clouds.

Wadi Numeira awaited, and its charm was irresistible – the colors of the mountains and the meandering wadi created an inviting atmosphere for our unique celebration.

Wadi Numeira Wadi Numeira

Upon reaching Wadi Numeira, the excitement peaked.

Unpacking our belongings, we faced the challenge of transporting everything into the wadi.

A heartwarming surprise awaited us as three local boys offered their help, turning our worries into shared moments of camaraderie.

The chosen spot became our canvas, where a concrete table adorned with a decoration of one tablecloth set the stage for our unforgettable Iftar.

The magic unfolded as we carefully arranged Ramadan Kareem dinner and dessert plates, complemented by the elegance of rose gold cutlery and Aseel water cups.

Wadi Numeira



The true enchantment lay in the details. Natural wood Anees minarets added a touch of rustic charm, while wood candle holders strategically placed between the dishes created an ambiance of warmth.

As the sun began to set, the flickering candles illuminated our surroundings, casting a gentle glow over our gathering.

To harmonize with the natural surroundings, we introduced a touch of blue by placing Decoration One geometric blue napkins, enhancing the visual appeal of our Iftar setup.

The fusion of earthy tones and vibrant hues created a tableau that mirrored the beauty of Wadi Numeira itself.

Our Ramadan celebration in Wadi Numeira was more than just a meal it was a journey of connection – with nature, with community, and with the spirit of Ramadan.

This unique experience serves as an inspiration to embrace unconventional settings, fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us during this sacred month.

Ramadan Kareem dinner sets:
Assiel water cups:
Anees minarets:


Sadiq candle holders:
Geometric blue Napkins:


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