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Decoration One was established in 2010 as a Jordanian design and product company, managed by 3 passionate sisters, Susanne, Suha and Sally.

Susanne, newly married, was visited in her new modern home by an American professor in Jordan. He pointed out that he could have been visiting her anywhere in the world, as her home doesn’t reflect her own or her family’s history, culture, heritage, and identity.

As years passed, her four children enthusiastically waited for holidays. Celebrating with the family, but there were no Islamic decorations to bring out a festive atmosphere.

That’s when Decoration One was born.

The pain we felt was for the loss of identity, value of history, culture, and heritage in the modern lifestyle.

Susanne, Sally & Suha Baalbaki | Managing partners


We believe in the importance of values and cultural identity while adapting to a fast-changing world.


We translate our belief through inspiring and nurturing a lifestyle full of joyful and innovative Arabic spirit.


We design our own brand of tableware, home accessories, decorations, and gift items.

Our Vision

To have a Decoration One item in every trendy home.

Our Mission

To inspire a lifestyle full of joyful & innovative Arabic spirit.
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