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Janbiyah Stand with Porcelain Shallow Bowl 8 Inch

The Janbiyah collection is inspired by the intricate artistic elements embodied in traditional Arab Janbiyah. Crafted from walnut wood and adorned with luxurious details of mother of pearl and delicate metals, we present to you the wooden plate holder within this collection. Designed to accommodate two porcelain shallow bowls with a diameter of 20.5cm. It is crafted to highlight your culinary innovations with a touch of elegance and cultural heritage.

The Janbiyah Stand exudes sophistication with its sleek lines and polished finish, making it a perfect complement to modern or classic decor styles. Its sturdy construction ensures stability, while its height provides a commanding presence, drawing attention to the exquisite porcelain shallow bowl it cradles.

The porcelain shallow bowl, delicately placed atop the stand, adds a touch of refinement to the ensemble. Its smooth surface showcases intricate patterns and designs, reminiscent of timeless craftsmanship. Whether used for serving fruits, displaying decorative items, or simply as a standalone piece of art, the porcelain bowl elevates any setting with its understated elegance.

Versatile and visually striking, the Janbiyah Stand with Porcelain Shallow Bowl effortlessly enhances living rooms, dining areas, or office spaces, becoming an instant conversation starter. Embrace sophistication and style with this exquisite fusion of form and function, where tradition meets contemporary allure.

MOP&Porc-Janbiyeh-Stand-8″Shallow Bowl-2PC


In stock

43 × 22.5 × 5.5 cm

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