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Mutanabi Arabic Coffee Cups Set of 6

This collection is inspired by the poet “Mutanabi”, with each set having 3 different hues of blue cups, in mirror image.

“New bone porcelain 60cc Qahwa Arabic coffee cups, comes in a set of 6, adorned with a verse written by the poet Al Mutanabi describing how people’s true selves is shown in how generous they are. عَلى قَدرِ أَهلِ العَزمِ تَأتي العَزائِمُ
وَتَأتي عَلى قَدرِ الكِرامِ المَكارِم. ”


In stock

Volume: 60cc, Color: Blues, Multi, Navy, Material: New Bone, Dishwasher Safe: No,

6.5 × 6.5 × 4.5 cm

Inspire a lifestyle full of joyful & innovative Arabic spirit
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