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Nuzha Bowl With Double Sadu Design


If you want to add a simple and unique white set to your kitchen or home decor, we offer you Nuzha collection!

Nuzha Bowl With Double Sadu Design

The Nuzha collection consist of deep circular pots covered with high domes that are crowned by small soft-angled crescents. The pots are made of matte porcelain material that is similar to dull limestone (chalk). The pots are durable and resistant, and their ingredients are largely pure, which is clearly reflected in the pieces color.

This piece is “Sadu dish” and the it’s the widest piece in the collection, and it comes with no cover and with average depth. The dish sides are decorated with repeated patterns of wheat stalks inspired by traditional sadu motifs that are famous in Saudi and Gulf culture generally, as they used in the traditional Bedouin embroidered textile art, which are often weaved horizontally.

You can use the dish to serve your guests or to decorate your home with elegant and simple decor pieces.

In stock

Color: White, Material: Porcelain,

14 × 14 × 7 cm

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