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20 Mutanabi Gold Paper Napkin 21x21x2PLY

Printed napkins with “Al-Mutanabi” poem, in 21x21cm, 2ply paper; pack consists of 20 napkins.

“Printed napkins, with gold design and Arabic calligraphy on its border. The verse is written by the poet Al Mutanabi describing how people’s true selves is shown in how generous they are. عَلى قَدرِ أَهلِ العَزمِ تَأتي العَزائِمُ
وَتَأتي عَلى قَدرِ الكِرامِ المَكارِم. Napkin size 21x21cm when open, 2ply tissue, 20 napkins per pack.”


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Color: Yellow,

10 × 10 × 1 cm

Inspire a lifestyle full of joyful & innovative Arabic spirit
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