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Decorating For Ramadan

Decorating for Ramadan



Decorating for Ramadan has always been a fun tradition and activity for the whole family. Children and adults decorate their homes in preparation for the holy month. We see how Ramadan decorations have been evolving over time. Due to the expanding commercialization and social media.

How to decorate your homes and offices during Ramadan

Most Ramadan decorations involve hanging luminous lanterns, setting the Iftar table, and placing crescents around the house. Decoration One presents beautiful and unique designs on how to decorate your homes creatively in celebration of Ramadan. Our designs will stand out from the rest of the other decorations and have an Arabic touch with a modern twist.

Check out this link to find further information and ideas on how to decorate your homes during this holy month

 Glitter Domes

You could also involve your kids to decorate with you in celebration of this holy month!  These magical metal danglers are colorful domes that are very fun for kids to hang in their rooms, in the garden, or anywhere around the house. In addition that hanging these danglers is easy and practical. They could be hung wherever you want! For example, you could hang them on the walls, suspended from the ceilings, or even on doors.

Our Glitter Domes come in varieties of different colors. They are a practical and fun design to place in your work office and home. And are a perfect way to spread the love and joy of this holy month.


For more information about our Glitter Domes please open this link


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