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Straw Cattail Baskets
Different Ways to use straw cattail baskets creatively

Straw Cattail Baskets


History of Baskets

People practiced basket weaving since ancient times; as they used to make baskets from the dried stems of plants, and the leftovers from grain crops, especially wheat, reeds, or bamboo.
As the days progressed, the industry of straw cattail baskets developed and became more durable and beautiful.


Uses Of Straw Baskets

Straw baskets are one of the pieces that must be available in every home, for several uses:
1- An elegant way to store blankets.
2- Placing the keys, TV controllers, remotes, or cell phones.
3- Putting towels inside: in the bathroom or by the pool.
4- Storing novels and books.
5- Putting fruits and vegetables.
6- Placing beautiful plants inside them.


Creative Ways To Use Straw Baskets

Check out this link on ways to use straw baskets creatively 

Find more blog posts that illustrate how to use straw baskets and even how to decorate them creatively.


Our Baskets

Straw Cattail baskets are functional and durable baskets. The use of these baskets could be for varieties of reasons. Furthermore, these baskets are unique because they are multipurpose and could be functional in all households. Examples of usage are, storing books, remotes, towels, groceries, plants, and more. In addition, to the natural cattail of the straw fibers, which are soft, long-lasting, and waterproof. The basket is also slightly curved from the bottom which gives it a delightful and beautiful shape.

Finally, at Decoration One straw baskets come in all different sizes and heights. If you are interested in purchasing our baskets, please open our Decoration One website


You can use the baskets as is, but you can put on your thinking hat and be creative in designing your own baskets. Try adding a string of ruffles, beads, or ribbons on the handle or on the upper and bottom rim of the basket. Finally, to give the basket a more modern and funky look, try stitching a ready-available design or cloth to make your basket more fun!



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Inspire a lifestyle full of joyful & innovative Arabic spirit
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