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Filling the flower tissue box easily


Filling the flower tissue box easily!

If you just bought your new beautiful flower tissue box, follow these steps to fill it!

1: Start by opening the tissue box by sliding the bottom lid.

2: Secondly, fold your tissue stack in half, and slightly pull out the tissue in the middle.

3: Thirdly, insert your folded tissues into the box, with the middle tissue facing the top opening.

4: Close the bottom lid and pull out the tissue from the hole in the flower.

5: Done! Enjoy your new purchase.


Alternative Ways for Filling the Tissue Box Easily

Check out this Pinterest article for helpful hints on how to refill a tissue box.


The Flower Box Design Inspiration

This tissue box is a pleasant addition to any table, due to its unique and different presentation. Furthermore, the porcelain flower box is a replica example of the indigenous fauna found in Jordan. The tissues pop out from the center of the flower as if they are a continuation of the flower itself. The tissue box’s base is wooden, which reflects a contrast in color and material from the flower to make it stand out. In addition, the flower tissue box is available in two different colors, black and white.


Other Tissue Box Designs

At Decoration One we offer a variety of designs for tissue boxes. For example, materials such as acrylic, wood veneer, ceramic, and even mother of pearl are used.


Al Sadu Tissue Box

An example of a different style tissue box designed by Decoration One is the Sadu Al Tissue Box. Hand woven by Beduin women in the UAE, the Sadu pattern is an embroidery form of geometric shapes which is woven horizontally. Furthermore, the woven design of this tissue box is in al sadu pattern but designed with the mother of pearl. Finally, this tissue box has a unique and special design pattern. For more information about Al Sadu tissue box open this link



Tissue boxes offered by Decoration One will fit any style or theme you have in your living room, whether it is classical, contemporary, or modern. Check this link for more tissue box designs:

alt image="Acrylic with Mother of Pearl Tissue and Napkin Box"



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