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Decorating the iftar Table

Decorating the Iftar Table


Ramadan is one of the most holy months for Muslims. It is a great way to strengthen family and friends’ bonds. During Ramadan, Muslims must not eat food or drink from dawn till sunset. Then, the whole family gathers at sunset and enjoys the iftar meal together.

Decorating the Iftar Table:

Decorating the iftar table to match the setting of this holy month is one of the essential traditions among Muslims. It is a great way to make fasting feel meaningful. Additionally, it gives a spiritual feeling and is a fun and joyful activity for the whole family. Decorating makes Ramadan feel special. Also, it reflects love, enthusiasm, and joy in the celebration of this holy month.

Every family decorates their iftar table uniquely and differently. But, overall, decorations such as lanterns, mosques, minerals, and crescents are typical in Ramadan. Decoration One presents unique designs in celebration of Ramadan.

Three creative ways to decorate your iftar table:

Candles: Candles are one of the easiest ways to decorate your iftar table. Adding on, Candles give a calming and warm atmosphere. Thus, allowing the table to feel more hospitable and spiritual during Ramadan.

Decorative ropes: Luminious ropes & danglers in the shapes of crescents are a great way to maintain the festive Ramadan spirit. Firstly, danglers are practical yet simple decorations for your home. Also, anyone can easily hang these danglers anywhere! In your offices, on the front door, on the windows, and even at iftar parties!

Tablewear and setting: Tableware, serving dishes, and iftar decor can help create a festive atmosphere in your homes. Also,  napkins with Arabic poetry and letters add a traditional accent to your iftar table. Adding on, serving plates with Arabic calligraphy also give a beautiful appearance to your iftar table. Moreover, cooking Arabic dishes and foods with traditional spices and herbs gives an authentic Ramadan feel.


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