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Metal Cages Decor

Do you know that you can decorate your home in an attractive and elegant way using iron domes?

Today we will bring you easy ideas to decorate your home with iron domes, one of the most beautiful of which is the use of natural flowers; Where you can place it inside or next to the dome … But why the flowers?

1- Because it adds color to home décor, which breaks the monotony.

2- Improving air quality; Especially if you are a city dweller, the percentage of polluted air is very high.

3- Improving mood: If we look at recent studies and research, we will find that many of them indicate that flowers and plants work to change the activity of the brain and its chemistry to modify mood and relieve stress and psychological stress.

4- Fragrant smell

You can also use candles of different sizes inside the dome or combine candles with art pieces; Including mosques and ceramic minarets to Ramadan atmosphere to your home. You can place the iron domes on the balcony, kitchen table, coffee table, the roof or put it directly on the floor as a decorative piece.

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