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Decorating metal cages

Decorating Metal Cages



Metal Cages Decor is a vintage, unique decor which adds a special romantic touch to your homes, and workplaces. You can decorate your metal cage in celebration of an upcoming wedding,  or can be a simple windowsill design.  Here are some easy ideas for decorating metal cages.


Especially when decorating vintage and boho aesthetics, you can fill your metal cages with fresh or artificial flowers. Or you can simply decorate the outer frame and walls with them. Flowers give an elegant and pleasant look to the iron cages. This is because firstly, they add color to the home decor which will break the monotony. Secondly, flowers improve air quality. Thirdly, they help in improving mood. It is shown in recent study research that flowers and plants work to change the fragrant smell which can modify mood, and relieve stress.


You can also use candles of different sizes to decorate the inside of your dome. Try combining candles with pieces of art such as mosques and ceramic minerals to share the Ramadan atmosphere in your home. You can place the iron domes on your balcony, kitchen table, Iftar table, the roof, or in front of your house door, as a decorative piece.

Vines and Plants

You can also decorate your cage with vines and plants. You can place your plants inside the cage or you can decorate it from the outside walls of the cage. Vines give an attractive and pleasant natural aesthetic. You can hang these cages on the ceilings and suspend them from above, and allow the vines to fall naturally and take the shape of the cage. The vines will also break the monotony of the room, and give a more natural look.

Sea shells, photos, fairy lights, and more…

Another cute, soft decoration on how to design metal cages is by using fairy lights or LED lights and wrapping them around the walls of the cage. You can also try filling the cage with small stones, driftwood, sea shells, photos, and letters. This gives a soft and romantic nostalgia to your home or office. It’s also a creative and unique idea on how to fill your cage and make it special and personal.


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Inspire a lifestyle full of joyful & innovative Arabic spirit
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