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Straw Cattail Baskets

Different Ways to use straw cattail baskets creatively

Straw Cattail Baskets   History of Baskets People practiced basket weaving since ancient times; as they used to make baskets from the dried stems of plants, and the leftovers from grain crops, especially wheat, reeds, or bamboo. As the days progressed, the industry of straw cattail baskets developed and became more durable and beautiful.   […]

Hand-made Paper Domes

Hand-Made Paper Domes Introduction Paper Domes are simple, yet are a practical Ramadan decoration. These hand-made paper domes are easy to make and are a fun activity for the whole family. This step-by-step guiding instruction will show you how to make your own hand-made paper domes at home by yourself. Our Hand-Folded Paper Dome The […]

Decorating the iftar Table

Decorating the Iftar Table Introduction Ramadan is one of the most holy months for Muslims. It is a great way to strengthen family and friends’ bonds. During Ramadan, Muslims must not eat food or drink from dawn till sunset. Then, the whole family gathers at sunset and enjoys the iftar meal together. Decorating the Iftar […]

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